How to Choose a Suitable Printer

Q: There are so many uv printer suppliers and models. How can I know which is the best for me?


A: You need to consider these facts:

    a. what material you are going to print mostly? Rigid or soft(roll) material?

        ----you will get to know that you need a flatbed or roll to roll, or hybrid uv printer. And also the type of ink you are gonna use.

    b. what precison you want?

        ----you will find what & how many printhead is better for you. Ricoh Gen5 printhead is better to print higher quality.

    c. what speed you want it print?

        ----you can figure out how many printheads you need. Sprinter UV printer can print 50sqm/hr with 8pcs printheads(CMYK*2).


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