Product Overview 

◆The product TureColor TC-F1212 is a compact 1.2m x 1.2m Flatbed printer. It’s smaller in size than the other models in the product range, which is ideal for print companies who have a limited room space. As you would expect, it is very robust and extremely well engineered, using the best components from around the World.

◆The TureColor TC-F1212 utilises the print head which offers speeds of up to 26sqm/hr and a maximum print resolution of  true photographic quality edge-to-edge printing. There is also a multi-layer print function built into the easy-to-use operating system. This time-saving feature cleverly enables the user to schedule their print in layers instead of having to do multiple passes.

◆The feature of the TC-F1212 model is the machine size is so smart!we love it!Also this model can be powered by Ricoh Gen5s printhead which is 2.5PL.Sprinter is the first company launch it in the whole world since March 2016 show at Shanghai.


With Original Ink-jet Technology, the Printer Produces Picture of Ultra High Quality


Relying on piezoelectric ink-jet technology, the printer has a high precision control of the ink-spraying. Besides, with a maximum resolution , the printer is also capable of representing the minutest details of a picture. Even tiny words in 6 point can be clearly printed out, with their smooth and sharp edges, in this printer. 






The Printer's Original Mechanical Advantage Ensures Stronger Reliability and More Convenient Printing

1. The Turecolor  TC-F1212  printer adopts an imported double-thread screw and double guide rail wide-sided scan machinery structure. The load bearing capability of the printing platform is 42kg/㎡. The printer can handle materials with a maximum thickness of 110mm. The printing platform's function of sectional vacuum absorption meets the demand of printing media in various formats and ensures a close bond between media and the platform.


2. Ink detection alarm system: when anyone ink barrel color ink is about to run out, this system can point out what color ink you need to add ink.






3. A unique media-positioning rod and one-key type pneumatic controller installed in this Turecolor TC- F1212  printer provides accuracy and convenience respectively for panel-loading and panel-positioning. This rod also spares any deviation in repetitive printing.






4. The printer's imported high-sensitivity detecting head possesses an automatic height-measuring system which can automatically measure and adjust the height of materials through software. This process makes the positioning of materials more accurate. This system replaces the traditional operation of manual lifting and provides a more convenient application.





5. Use famous brand UV-LED curing lamp,non-deformation, non-cracking,rapid drying,long using life.








6. High-power servo motor,with digital accurate driver,developed the running accuracy of the machine.





7. The machine can be configured as K C M Y/K C M Y Lc Lm/K C M Y *2 and K C M Y +W +V;Moreover,the machinecould spray with white color as bed or cover or spot-color printing.





8. The installation of IGUS drag chain line, DELTA servo motor and MEGADYNE hold-in range in this printer ensures a reliable operation in the long run.

The Negative Pressure System Composed of Imported Components Ensures the Quality of Printed Works

1.The standby backup battery of the printer can maintain the work of negative pressure system when the printer is suddenly short of electricity. Furthermore, the printer can be engaged in work as soon as the supply of electricity continues. 

Eco-friendly Ink

This product uses eco-friendly UV curing ink (a new trend in the future) which does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds).

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Technical parameters


TureColor F1212

C M Y K or C M Y K Lc Lm (white color and varnish are optional) 
RICOH GEN4/5 7PL(Piezoelectric Printhead GEN 4/5 7PL)
Top Resolution
UP TO 26m2/h
Wood panel, Aluminum panel, door plank, paperboard, PVC expansion sheet, ceiling panel, glass, ceramics, acrylic, PVC, etc.
Size of Material
Printing Area:
Panel:1.20m(width)x 1.20m(depth)
Maximum Material Size:
Panel:1.25m(width)x 1.40m(depth)
Thickness of Material
Panel:≤ 120mm
Weight of Material
Panel:≤ 40 kg/m2
Image format
Tiff,Jpeg,Postscript3,EPS,PDF,AI and so on
Eco-friendly,highly durable UV ink with bright color 
Ink Capacity
1.5L drums, automatic surveillance for shorting of ink, non-stop and ink 
Power Supply
AC,50HZ/60HZ , 220v(±10%)>15A 
Printing software
Photoprint dx12 / Caldera(Option)
1. Air Compressor
Dimensions (W x L x H)
Net & Gross
560kg & 700kg
Package dimensions (W x D x H)
3.45 x 2.20 x 1.76 (M
Minimum Work Area (Width x Depth x Height) 
5.5 x 5.0 x 2.50 (M)
Operation environment
Temperature: 15-30℃(59-86℉)
Humidity: 40-80% RH (non-condensing)
Operating Noise ≤80dB
Safety Certification
CE Certification

Specifications subject to change without notice.


     Suitable for various materials, for instance, rigid medium such as glass, ceramic tile, Aluminum panel, wood panel, billboard, Acrylic panel, KT board, paper board, organic glass, PVC expansion sheet, cystosepiment, 3c products, corrugating medium paper, suspended ceiling, etc. 


Glass      |      Ceramics      |      Furniture      |      3C      |      PVC      |      Chevron board      |      Cardboard      |     Ceiling ……