With Original Ink-jet Technology, the Printer Produces Picture of Ultra High Quality


Relying on piezoelectric ink-jet technology, the printer has a high precision control of the ink-spraying. Besides, with a maximum resolution, the printer is also capable of representing the minutest details of a picture. Even tiny words in 6 point can be clearly printed out, with their smooth and sharp edges, in this printer. 





The Printer's Original Mechanical Advantage Ensures Stronger Reliability and More Convenient Printing


1. Automatic anti-static design to avoid satellite ink drops flying.

tc2512-gn0042. White ink recirculatin results in an effective elimination of ink starvation, and protects print heads from clogging hazard.

tc2512-gn0023. A unique media-positioning rod and one-key type pneumatic controller installed in this Turecolor TC-F2512 UV printer provides accuracy and convenience respectively for panel-loading and panel-positioning. This rod also spares any deviation in repetitive printing.

4. The printer's imported high-sensitivity detecting head possesses an automatic height-measuring system which can automatically measure and adjust the height of materials through software. This process makes the positioning of materials more accurate. This system replaces the traditional operation of manual lifting and provides a more convenient application.

5. Automatic heating system can make the ink to be in the best situation  at a constant temperature, so obtaining the best print quality.


6. An alarming system which detects the ink level in the Grade A ink barrel can remind users of low ink level by sparkling light and sounds. The system also ensures the printing operation in an unattended condition.

7. The steel configuration of the  printer is reliable. A double guide rail metal frame structure is adopted in the cross girder of this printer. This structure ensures a faster and smoother operation of the print head. 

8. The installation of IGUS drag chain line, DELTA servo motor and MEGADYNE hold-in range in this printer ensures a reliable operation in the long run.


The Negative Pressure System Composed of Imported Components Ensures the Quality of Printed Works

tc2512-gn0061.The standby backup battery of the printer can maintain the work of negative pressure system when the printer is suddenly short of electricity. Furthermore, the printer can be engaged in work as soon as the supply of electricity continues. 

Eco-friendly Ink

This product uses eco-friendly UV curing ink (a new trend in the future) which does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Technical parameters

Turecolor TC-F2030
C M Y K or C M Y K Lc Lm (white color and varnish are optional) 
RICOH GEN 5 7PL(Piezoelectric Printhead GEN 5 7PL)
Top Resolution
Up to 34 ㎡/h
Wood panel, Aluminum panel, door plank, paperboard, PVC expansion sheet, ceiling panel, glass, ceramics, acrylic, PVC, etc.
Size of Material
Maximum Printing Area:
Panel:2.0m(width)x 3.2m(depth)
Maximum Material Size:
Panel:2.03m(width)x 3.25m(depth)
Thickness of Material
Panel:≤ 120mm
Weight of Material
Panel:≤ 50 kg/m2
Image format
Tiff,Jpeg,Postscript3,EPS,PDF,AI and so on
Environmental protective UV ink
Ink Capacity
1.5L drums, automatic surveillance for shorting of ink, non-stop and ink
Power Supply
AC,50HZ/60HZ , 220v(±10%)>15A ,6.5kw
Printing software
Photoprint dx12 plus / Caldera(Option)
1. Air Compressor
Dimensions (W x D x H)


Net & Gross
1290kg & 1920kg
Package dimensions (W x D x H)
4.13x2.22x1.18 & 4.26x0.82x0.87 (M
Minimum Work Area (Width x Depth x Height) 
5.5 x 5.5. x 2.5 (M)
Operation environment
Temperature: 15-30℃(59-86℉)
Humidity: 40-80% RH (non-condensing)
Operating Noise ≤80dB
Safety Certification
CE Certification

Specifications subject to change without notice.


     Suitable for various materials, for instance, rigid medium such as glass, ceramic tile, Aluminum panel, wood panel, billboard, Acrylic panel, KT board, paper board, organic glass, PVC expansion sheet, cystosepiment, 3c products, corrugating medium paper, suspended ceiling, etc. 


Glass      |      Ceramics      |      Furniture      |      3C      |      PVC      |      Chevron board      |      Cardboard      |     Ceiling ……