As a professional manufacturer in Inkjet printing machine, and UV printer, SPRINTER would like to provide different UV application and solution for customers according their requirement.

Makecolor UV hybrid printer FR2512, Makecolor UV flatbed printer F2030, UV LED roll to roll printer, three new models have been displayed in 2019 Guangzhou DPES exhibition,Mr. Jack, the general manager accepted the newspaper reporter's interview, and publish their opinion below.

Rapid development of SPRINTER, as the new itmes be launched to market and service promptly, there is a excellent team with innovative idea. UV Machine have been used by customer for free to test and improve , our team solve the problem during using. 500 solvent printer, 28 UV machine been sold out in 2019.

High quality products Price is very important, but the Quality counts for much more, we couldn’t debase our quality level to cut down cost, mainly spare parts import from famouse brand to keep the stablity, there is a professional QC department to check every printer whether qualified when leave factory.

There are two type of machine in SPRINTER, one is solvent printer, another is UV machine, Makecolor series UV printer be recommend, F2512 with 2.65m*1.3m printing width, FR2512 with flatbed & roll to roll option, F2030 with 2*3m printing width, R3200 is the 3.2m UV LED roll to roll printer, there are 6 superiorities, high resolution, multifunction, hommization, stable, pro-environment, wide application.

Jack told us that solution of glass, decorate, scutcheon, mural, board etc can be provided by SPRINTER. We solve some problems of adhesive force in glass, and improve the quality of image, colorful during the cooperation with one glass table factory last year. 2013 DPES exhibition Sevice Attentively Company have poor market without good service, service is one of the important items in competition, Jack said that“ for SPRINTER, service attentively is our standard We have to pay attention to customers’ idea, and let them feel that they are important for us,and we are improving” Technology inquiry pre-sales, installation, trainning, application solution, Troubleshooting problems etc support will be offered by SPRINTER.

Warranty can be prolong, if use SPRINTER’s ink for our machine.

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