2020 is an extraordinary new year. Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic and the extension of the Spring Festival holiday, many users fail to do the best maintenance of the sprinkler in time. Now we are going back to work. Please check the status of the spray head and do a good job of maintenance as soon as possible after the commencement. In front of the epidemic, isolate the virus, do not isolate and care! Wish you all the best!

1、 Environmental requirements

The temperature needs 25-30 degrees without dust. The humidity is required to be 40% - 70%. When the temperature is lower than 25 ℃, the ink is prone to the phenomenon of viscosity increase, and the smoothness is not good. When printing, there will be other phenomena such as broken ink, virtual needle and so on. Too much dust will cause great damage to the nozzle. The equipment must be operated in an environment free from direct sunlight.




2、 Daily maintenance of nozzle


Handling method in standby mode
1. Turn on the flash function of the nozzle when it is in standby mode. The flash time shall not exceed 2 hours. After 2 hours, the nozzle shall be cleaned by pressing ink.
2. The maximum unattended time shall not exceed 4 hours, and the ink shall be pressed every 2 hours.
3. Standby for more than 4 hours, shutdown is recommended.


Treatment method of nozzle before shutdown
1. Press the ink before shutting down the machine every day and wipe the ink and attachments on the surface of the nozzle with cleaning solution, then check the status of the nozzle. If there is a lack of needle, handle it in time. And save the nozzle state diagram, so as to observe the nozzle state change.
2. When the machine is shut down, the head of the trolley shall be minimized, and the light shall be shielded to prevent the light from hitting the nozzle.


Treatment method for short-term shutdown
1. According to the above treatment, the continuous shutdown time shall not exceed 3 days.
2. If the shutdown time is longer than 3 days, the machine must be turned on, the ink pressing cleaning must be carried out, and the status of the nozzle shall be printed, and the number of times of ink pressing shall not be less than 5.
3. The normal production can be carried out after the nozzle status is confirmed to be correct.
4. If you need to continue to shut down, first print monochrome color block diagram. Then shut down according to the shutdown process.
5. The continuous maintenance time of this method shall not exceed 10 days. If the shutdown time is 3-10 days, start the machine every 3 days according to the above method. If the frequency can be shortened, it is better (Note: ink must be checked during continuous standby)
6. If the shutdown time is more than 10 days, the nozzle shall be removed for cleaning and maintenance. All ink shall be emptied and UV special cleaning solution shall be used. The cleaning liquid is injected into the nozzle from the ink inlet and discharged from the ink outlet through the internal pipeline of the nozzle, and part of the cleaning liquid is discharged from the nozzle. Be sure to use enough cleaning fluid to clean all the previous ink, and then use the needle tube to extract air to discharge all the cleaning fluid inside the nozzle to ensure the drying inside the nozzle.

Three. Precautions for nozzle storage


When the nozzle is stopped for a short time
When not printing, cover the car head with a dark cloth to prevent ink from drying in the nozzle hole, and prevent dust from entering. If you use UV ink, you can also block the light and prevent the ink from hardening.


When the nozzle is out of service for a long time
When the nozzle is out of service for a long time, the ink in the nozzle shall be cleaned and dried before storage.

4、 Precautions for cleaning nozzle


Connection mode of cleaning nozzle: the unused 10-20ml disposable syringe shall be used for cleaning the nozzle, and a filter shall be installed in the middle. The cleaning liquid must pass through the filter before entering the nozzle.





To clean the nozzle, first open the plug at the exhaust pipe of the nozzle, slowly inject the cleaning solution, and discharge the ink in the nozzle from the plug until the discharged clean cleaning solution is close to the transparent color.


When the discharged cleaning solution is clean, screw on the plug, and then slowly inject the cleaning solution, and the cleaning solution will be ejected from the surface of the nozzle in a water drop shape.



During cleaning, the terminal blocks and wires of the nozzle shall not be stuck to the cleaning solution.

Note: when using regular detergent as humectant to soak the nozzle, the detergent shall not exceed the metal surface, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged!

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