As one of the biggest show in signs and advertising industry in China, Sign China Show is also well-known by professional buyers and dealers from overseas. This year is difficult for internaltional travels due to COVID-19. So there is few foreign visitors in this show. 

Thanks to China government's good work in pandemic control, the economy grows step by step. In the next half year, lots of business owners are planning to add investment on machines to strenghthen the service and productivity in signs-making and advertising. And September, is very import start for the comming seasons.

Sprinter, as a professional UV digital printer manufacturer in China, took 4 units of our UV digital printing machines to show, including a high speed UV flatbed printer and 3 uv hybrid printer with width of 2.2m, 3.2m and 5m. 


1. TC-PF2713 High speed UV flatbed printer

Print size: 2.7*1.3m

Colors: CMYK, WV optional

Printheads: Ricoh Gen6 *4 Rows

LED Curing System

Magnetic Motor + Metal encoder 

 As a higher level UV flatbed printer, PF2713 has both stable working and faster working performance in uv printing. with the latest rioch gen6 heads in max. 4 rows arrangement for CMYK color printing, the productivity of Sprinter PF2713 printer will be upto 120sqm/hr in 4 pass printing, which makes it the best choice for large quantity printing jobs.


2. Power Pro2000  2.2m UV belt-conveyed hybrid printer

Print width:2.2m

Colors: CMYK-W-CMYK, sandwitch mode

Printheads: Ricoh Gen5 *3 Rows

LED Curing System 

 Power Pro2000 is a new model of Sprinter UV printers in this year. It has smaller size and 2 in 1 functions. This is a big advantage for customers who are considering a good machine but in shortage of budget. With one machine cost, you will have both roll media and rigid media printer.  Otherwise it provides high config options for future updates. It has max.12 heads option in 3 or 4 rows headplate, and Color-white-color 3 layer printing function.  All these have made Power Pro2000 model a hot-selling printer in this year. 


3. Power Pro3200  3.2m UV belt-conveyed hybrid printer

Print width:3.2m

Colors: CMYK *3 rows

Printheads: KM1024i *3 Rows

LED Curing System

Magnetic Motor + Metal encoder 

Installed with 12* KM1024I printhead in 3 rows to print CMYK colors, sprinter 3.2m uv hybrid printer will provide an incredible speed in roll to roll printing. As the material has been fully expanded on the conveyor, it has no worry to the wrinkles during printing. According to customer's feedback, this model performs better than normal Roll to Roll printer on flexible media, such as soft film. It has solved media wrinkle issues and speed issues in roll to roll printing. In addition, Sprinter UV hybrid machine has options of external tables for board media printing. It is a TRUE 2in1 machine. 


4. Power Pro5000  5m UV belt-conveyed hybrid printer

Print width: 5m

Colors: CMYK *4 rows

Printheads: KM1024i *4 Rows

LED Curing System

Magnetic Motor + Metal encoder 

 Power Pro5000 is the largest machine ever made by Sprinter UV. It designed for big customers who needs to print media upto 5m width. In China only a few manufacturer has ability to make UV printers upto 5meters. Sprinter is one of them. Sprinter 5m UV hybrid printer can print 5m roll or 2x 2.5m roll media with 4units CMYK colors printing in one time since it can install 4*4 konica 1024i printheads. It provides both speed and vivid colors on different material, and it also can print boards with external tables. 


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