Make Nice Photos on Phonecase? You Need a UV Printer Featured

Phonecase becomes popular not too long after smartphone appears. Nowadays, a nice phonecase is a necessary accessory for people’s phone. It can protect a phone when it drops from owner’s hands.


As a symbol of personality and aesthetics for young generation, a special phonecase means more than a protection for phone. We can see various phonecases made from different materials and in different designs.



Do you know how to make a phonecase with your own design? Well, Sprinter UV printer can help with it.


With a Sprinter UV printer, you can print your design on a blank phonecase.


No matter what material it is made of, you can always print on it with a sprinter uv printer.

With white color print system, you can print on color-based phonecases.

Embossed effect is available to make your phonecase touchable photo


Glossy or mate effect to make your phonecase shinny



Sprinter UV Flatbed model TC-F1212, is a small sized uv flatbed printer for small goods, gifts, cards,etc.


It has a printing area of 1.2*1.2m and max.8 colors printing system including CMYK,LcLm, White and Varnish.

As an industrial level machine, it designs with heavy duty frames and assembled with accessories from world famous brands, such as Fuji motors, Megdyne blet, IGUS chain, THK linear, NSK bearings.


It is a small printer with big functions. You can use it to print plastics, woods, glass, metal sheets, paper, boards… almost all kinds of materials with a flat substate.


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