In the process of buying a UV machine, many friends will become dizzy with information from the network and equipment vendors as they learn more about it, and finally at a loss. This article raises five core questions to stimulate thinking in the process of seeking answers, so as to help those who are still in doubt return to their needs and make a better decision.

Here we go.

  1. Does the machine size match my material?

Fully understand the maximum material size to be print, and confirm the work size of the UV machine accordingly. If among the materials you want to print, the largest material is 8ft*4ft(2.44*1.22m) foam board, then the machine smaller than this print size can be ignored. Sometimes, considering the future expansion of the business, it is better to choose a machine with a larger size than the current demand as part of future investment. Therefore, the decision of machine size is the first issue you need to consider.

Sprinter TC-F2713 UV Flatbed Printer has a larger print area 2.7*1.3m than normal 2513 size

  1. How fast can it print during normal work?

At the exhibition, everyone saw that the printing effect of each manufacturer's machine was amazing, which was usually displayed in the best printing effect-also the slowest speed. In the usual order printing process, sometimes there is no need for the high precision quality as showed at the exhibition, but higher requirements for speed to ensure timely delivery to customers. So, how fast is it in the standard quality printing which is acceptable to me (the customer)? This is a problem that needs to be truly understood. If you are more cautious, you can bring the pictures and materials to make a print test on Sprinter UV machine, and find the balance between print quality and print speed, so you can know exactly what config you need with the printer.


  1. Is the machine's build quality sufficient for the work I require?

A stable UV machine is a sharpened axe to chop woods. To ensure that there is no problem in the long-term continuous work, the machine has to be built with high quality parts. Can the machine work 24 hours a day? Is the media platform stable enough? Can you print large and heavy materials (such as glass, metal, marble, etc.) for a long time without shape change? Under this requirement, small or light-weight machines are obviously not suitable for purchase. Only industrial-grade large UV machine can ensure long-term stable printing. Sprinter UV uses a high-precision seamless heavy-duty steel frame body and a hard oxidation adsorption flatbed to provide users with stable and high-quality long-term printing services.

  1. Is the ink adhesion sufficient?

After confirming that the print color, ink adhesion is also a crucial issue. Materials with smooth surfaces such as acrylic and glass, particularly require a high-adhesive inks. No one wants to see the advertising picture starts to fall off within a few days. At present, the main solution to the adhesion problem of UV ink in market is UV coating, that is, apply a corresponding UV coating to increase the firmness of UV ink before printing. Before buying a UV machine, it is essential to understand the adhesion issue given by the manufacturer.

  1. How about the technical support and service quality?

Choosing the right UV machine is the first step for you printing business. You need to know in advance whether the supplier can provide timely, effective and reliable technical support and after-sales service once the machine has been installed in your factory,. No one can guarantee that his products will never go wrong, nor can Tesla. No matter the machine itself, the operation method, or other force majeure factors may cause equipment work abnormally. When equipment breaks down and needs fix or maintenance, reliable technical support and services can save you time and reduce your loss. Sprinter has a professional and experienced after-sales service team, which responds quickly to customer needs, provides solutions to ensure machine working well for customers' printing business.



The knowledge about purchasing UV machine from the above questions and thinking can help you choose the UV machine that meets the needs of the company. The key point is that there are no right or wrong answers to the above questions. Instead, the answer must be answered by you basing on machine supplier feedback, discussions with the company team, and serious market research.


If you have any questions about buying UV, you need professional guidance, please contact us.

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