Begin with Dpes in Feb, exhibtion is held in different cities all around China. And SPRINTER UV Printers participated all of them including exhibitions like Shenyang city in Northeast, Xi'an City in Northwest, Wuhan & Changsha city in Middle, Nanjing city in East, Fuzhoucity in Southeast, and the comming Jinan city in North.

The machines we showed on those exhibitions are,

1. High Speed UV Flatbed Printer 2.5*1.3m
  Model TC-PF2713
  •   Ricoh Gen6 industrial printheads
  •   Magentic motor with metal encoder
  •   CMYK,W,+Varnish Option

This machine meets cutomer's requirements of high productivity. Fast printing speed is a virtual concern from signs and advertising shops. They donot want to lose big order due to longer leadtime. Sprinter F2713 flatbed printer enhances customer's strength in competition with other shops. (watch video)


2. Small UV Hybrid Printer 2m width
 Model: Power Pro 2000
  • Ricoh Gen5 industrial printheads
  • Roll to roll print
  • CMYK-W-CMYK muti-layer printing

With a small format, Sprinter Power Pro 2000 uv hybrid printer provides a perfect solution for small scale printing business. It offers different config options including cmyk, cmyk+w, cmyk+w+v, and cmyk+w+cmyk(sandwitch mode) color printing.  It becomes a new hotsell printer since it has been launched in exhibition one year before. (Click to watch video)


3. Large Format UV Roll to Roll Hybrid Printer  3.2m

 Model: Power Pro 3200

  • KM1024i Industrial printheads
  • Magnetic motor + metal encoder
  • CMYK*3 rows

A conveyor hybrid printer is designed for roll printing mainly and with flatbed printing optional. The interesting thing is, Chinese customers prefer to use one function only - roll printing. Compared with true roll to roll printer, hybrid has a bunch of advantages including, material-saving, wrinkle-free, and much wide choice of materials.  Power Pro 3200 becomes a feature product from Sprinter.  Customers eager to understand more details of it and considering to buy one for their roll to roll printing business. (Click to watch video)


4. Super Large UV Roll to Roll Hybrid Printer 5m width

  Model: Power Pro 5000

  • Konica 1024i industrial Printheads
  • Magnetic motor+metal encoder
  • CMYK *4 Rows

This year, there are two or three more factories has launched a super wide 5m UV printers(both roll to roll and hybrid version). And we have noticed the inquiry number of 5m printer has been increased day by day. All those tell us that 5m printer will be a next trend on high-end level printers. Sprinter 5m uv printer, Power Pro5000, as one of the earliest ones, gained a lot attention since it launched in 2019 exhibition. After two years developing and marketing, in 2021 it comes to a blooming success. Over 5 units has been sold, and 8 customers in consideration in last 3 months. (click to watch video)


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