3.2*2.1 Meters UV Flatbed Printer

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TC-F3221 is designed and produced with high standard and large size platform with high configuration, which allows it to print 3.2*2.1m plates. Also being a high-end UV flatbed machine that focuses on speed, the TC-F3221 has been upgraded and optimized again from hardware to software based on the original. It supports a maximum of 12 printheads, arranged in 3 or 4 groups of printhead arrangement for fast printing speed and outstanding output.

Capacity data reference





High-speed mode 




Production Mode




Quality Mode





**3Pass test data: a 2.44*1.22m board takes only 66 seconds


Unit: sqm/hour

Perfect picture quality, colorful

Colorful world, SPRINTER engraving.

The F3221 brings not only speed but also improved image quality. 5pl minimum ink droplet makes the print image more delicate and exquisite, and 5-10-15pl multi-level grayscale variable dot inkjet technology ensures smooth color。

Four base colors

Light color

spot color

CMYK Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Lc,Lm Light cyan

Light magenta

W,V  White Varnish

4 colors for the most basic configuration, the ink according to the different proportions of each color, with the required color. CMYK can be arranged in multiple groups to double the printing speed

Light color as an extension and supplement to the four base colors, in the character skin, gradient color printing more delicate and textured

White as the base color is indispensable for printing transparent or colored materials. By stacking the thickness of white ink, you can also achieve a bumpy printing effect varnish, which can be applied in part of the picture or the whole picture, and can make the picture more shiny


SPRINTER uses eco-friendly UV ink, which does not contain VOC.

The ink is bright and strong, and is widely used for printing on acrylic, foam, wood, metal, glass, and many other materials. In addition, according to the material stretching difference, we also provide a certain stretching neutral ink, printing such as leather and other products to meet the different needs of customers.

A variety of combinations, customized for you

The spacious head design of the F3221 provides you with two printhead base plate options. Also combined with the special feature of two colors at one end of the Ricoh printhead, the F3221 can be paired with many different configurations to meet different specific printing needs.

Function Configuration


Magnetic levitation motor

The newly adopted magnetic levitation motor can provide faster speed and more stable operation. After abandoning the structure of ordinary motor + belt, it reduces the failure point and the daily maintenance of the machine is less troublesome.


Metal encoder

The encoder with a resolution of up to 1μm ensures accurate inking even when the machine is running fast. The optical corrosion-resistant material used gives the metal encoder a longer service life.


Vacuum flatbed with different-zones

According to the actual printing needs of customers, we have scientifically planned the vacuum flatbed with different-zones. The suction power provided is always strong for printing large, medium and small size materials.


UV-LED Curing System


The LED lamp does not generate high temperature and comes with a water circulation cooling system to protect the material from high temperature damage when printing heat sensitive materials. It also has the advantages of long service life, maintenance-free, adjustable power, energy saving and environmental protection.



Automatic warning large ink drum 

The large 1.5L ink drum with built-in liquid level detection system automatically sounds an alarm when the ink level is low, prompting for ink refilling. In addition, the large ink barrel is equipped with a stirring motor to prevent ink from settling and thus causing clogging of the ink path.


Plate positioning

The platform is equipped with a plate positioning system, which helps to place the plates to the home position quickly and easily.



Automatic height measurement

The machine can automatically set the printing height according to the thickness of the material. Material thickness up to 110mm can be printed.


Electrostatic elimination system

The double electrostatic removal device on the trolley can effectively remove the static electricity attached to the material during the printing process to avoid slanting and flying ink during the inkjet process and ensure the print quality.



Automatic ink lock

The ink cartridge automatically closes the ink outlet after the machine stops working to prevent ink from flowing out. There is no need to worry about ink waste and machine defacement even when the machine is not running on vacation.                                        


Anti-crush protection system

There is an anti-crush protection device on the left and right of the trolley, and the trolley will automatically stop when it hits a hard object on the table to avoid scratching the printhead by the hard object. After removing the hard object, the printing operation can continue.

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