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Difference between 3D printing technology and UV printing 3D technology.

  • 3D printing technology is an injection molding machine using raw materials to stack up the mode.
  • UV printing 3D is a printing equipment on the surface of the material for printingcolor patterns technology.

UV flatbed printer can print 3D effect mainly refers to print the pattern with visual 3D effect, appearing realistic. Besides, UV flatbed printers can also print relief effect, mainly relying on the stacking of white ink to form a uneven surface. The accuracy of the picture itself is also very important, and the printing accuracy of the machine which depends mainly on the choice of printhead. For example,The minimum ink drop of Ricoh G5 printhead is 7PL, Ricoh G6 is 5PL.

UV printing 3D effect

  • Visual Naked Eye 3D(or Autostereoscopy)

1.Edit the 3D graphics in PhotoPrint software for rip dot rasterization.

2.The printer control software is loaded with the completely ripped image.

3.Place the substrate on the UV printer flatbed, clicking print, then you can print the 3D effect.



  • 3Drelief effect(or embossing effect)

1.Edit and design the 3D graphics in PS ( white spot color channel)

2.Rasterize the graphics in PS.

3.The printer control software loads the ripped images and sets the white mode for stacked white (rip white, stereo texture, etc.).

4.Place the substrate on the UV machine flatbed and click print, then you can print  the 3D relief effect with uneven surface.



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