SPRINTER Tips ▏How to choose UV ink?

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UV ink is one of the most consumed consumables for UV printers.

The quality of ink determines the quality of printing, but also affects the life of the printhead.

Using poor quality ink, not only affects the printing effect, the picture is rough and lusterless, and will cause the printhead hole slanting spray, blockage...many problems.Moreover,It may drastically shorten the life of the printhead.

Select UV ink from the following 4 aspects to consider.

1.Type of printhead

There are various printheads on the market. Each printhead have different operating principle, internal structure, piezoelectric crystal, spray hole size, ignition frequency, etc. According to these differences, the choice of UV ink is also different, it is particularly important to choose the UV ink that meets the characteristics of the printhead.

2.Type of UV curing lamp

UV curing lamps are mainly LED and mercury lamps in two categories.

Mercury lamps and LED ink wavelengths are different, so the choice of UV ink to match the type of lamp. Improperly selected UV ink will lead to UV ink curing too fast, not yet fully printed on the surface of the material. Or the color is easy to peel off because of the pattern can not dry quickly, causing some losses.

3.Service of UV ink

Using equipment manufacturers designated UV ink, they will provide the appropriate after-sales service for you.

If using the non-manufacturer specified UV ink causes damage to the equipment, the manufacturer  are not responsible for after-sales maintenance.

Each equipment manufacturer specified UV ink is strictly screened and tested several times to meet the characteristics of their own equipment before use.

4.Matching application process

Equipment manufacturers will do multiple proofing tests for the specified UV ink with its compatibility, color density, scratch resistance, adhesion on their own equipment.

So that the equipment can show the maximum advantages of the ink. If randomly replaced, it will not achieve the effect.

UV printing technology is constantly evolving, the price of UV ink is also varied.

There is no need to buy cheap ink for the sake of the cheap at the time, thus losing the after-sales service of the equipment supplier, causing more damage to the equipment.

Therefore, SPRINTER recommends that buy UV ink from the equipment manufacturers or designated dealers, so that not only good for your UV printer, but also solve the worry of after-sales concerns.

After all, the cheapest or free one is the most expensive!

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