Application Solutions
Glass uv printer is inkjet printing of high technology printing device ,any material can be printed on colorful picture, it can print colored art-glass effect. Moreover, the equipment can print any picture in the material of plexiglass, laminated glass, plate glass, steel glass, and the art-glass processing can be carried on the normal glass, mat glass, emery glass, glass brick. Any photo or artist painting can be displayed in the glass by uv printer. In the aspect of printing adhesive, do the baking varnish before uv printing can meet the adhesive standard of domestic equipment. Furthermore, the thick glass will be better,and the steel processing can prevent the glass from breaking.

Main Process
1.coating the white primer on the printing picture.
2.printing personalize picture with 3D effect.
3.Curing the ink after cleaning the shell and coating the UV varnish .(alternative procedure)
Targeted Application Field
The glass uv printer can print any picture in the surface of glass drawing, a kind of instant processing that can replace drawing with the strength of version-free, high efficient,low cost and rich color. The easy operation save a lot of time for the customer, the printer is not only applied to the moderin decoration sidling door, glass decorating, partition wall, backdrop , glass lightbox, glass desk, and so on, but also to the personalized decoration ,such as office, KTV, shower center.

Here Is The Feature Of The Uv Printer:
1.easy operation, rapid production.
2.Flexible production, personalized printing.
3.Reductive labor, guaranteed safety.
Equipment Recommendation

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