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PVC Soft Film Featured

The flexible film uv printer is specialized in printing the picture in the soft membrane. The flexible film, also called stretch fabric, has become the preferred material of making suspending ceiling, it is made of pvc material and then process cutting desired shape though one time or several time and finally finished by frequency welding. The flexible film has the features of waterproofing, fire protection, moisture-proof, mold prevention, insulation, easy forming, and so on. The application of flexible film in the suspending ceiling is the combination of lighting and artistic ceiling, because any rich color and style can be print out according to the designer’s imagination, in other words, the individualized customization of home decoration can be achieved.

Application Solutions
In the case of movie light printing, the soft film is the most useful material, because its price and flexibility is better than pearl cloth; Compared with back-lit banner, the soft film has no curve, and has good lighting vision effect after lighting, with transparent and soft picture. Used in light box is easy to install and replace the picture, further more, the soft film is durable, water-proof, fire prevention ,easy to clean and against fading.

Targeted Application Field
The soft film has come into widespread use ,such as: the backdrop light box, the advertise light box in the both sides of subway and in the airport, the brand name and light box of shopping mall, and so on.

Equipment Recommendation

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