Swinner LR1800E

1.8m EPSON i3200 head Latex Printer

Swinner LR1800E with environmental protection certificates, it has no smell for printing, is environmentally friendly, and brings users a comfortable working environment. At the same time, the printing color is bright, durable, scratch resistant, and has ultra-high quality.


Key benefits

  • Odorless printing
  • Safe for operators and the environment
  • Green Environmental protection certificate
  • Industrial piezoelectric printhead technology
  • LATEX environmental protection ink
  • Industrial production design


  • SPRINTER Latex printer has high picture quality, support for multiple materials. The wide range of colors makes colors more prominent and easily attracts people's attention.
  • SPRINTER Latex printer can achieve the satin smooth effect. The LATEX ink forms a satin-smooth semi-gloss film on the print surface. The image is integrated into the medium -- the ink layer is barely felt.

Machine systems

  • Printhead maintenance system
  • High strength anodizing vacuum adsorption platform
  • Ink tank lack detection system
  • White ink circulation stirring system
  • Print anti-collision system
  • Automatic height measuring unit
  • Automatic load media system


Rich printing solutions, Makes you RICH




Technical Specs

 Model SWINNER Latex LR1800E
 Print Sizes  Max. Print size  1800mm*limitless
 Max. Media size 1850mm*limitless
Media Thickness Max. 25mm
Vacuum Flatbed Max. 50kgs/m2
 Vacuum Flatbed Pumps *1 pcs
Zones *3zones
Data transfer USB 3.0
 Printhead  Max. No.s  4
 Plate 4 Rows
 Software  Control Sprinter LATEX control system
 RIP PF, Photoprint
Computer (Not included) Windows 7/10; 64bits
Color channels Max. 6; CMYK,W, OP
Data transfer  USB 3.0
Electricity 220V*3 ways; 50/60Hz;
 Machine size & weight 3970*1670*5332mm (with automatic loading system);900kgs
 Packing Wooden case*1pc; 20’ CTNR
 Package Size & G.Weight 6000*2200*2000mm; 1200kg


*Specifications subject may change without notice. Please confirm with sales representative for more details

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