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What are the reasons for the peculiar smell of UV flatbed printer?

UV Flatbed will produce some peculiar smell in actual printing. The worse the ink, the stronger the taste. If a salesperson says that UV ink does not produce peculiar smell, this is impossible. The difference lies in the intensity of the smell and the degree of harm to the surrounding. Today, we will introduce the causes of peculiar smell in printing to friends.

reason 1: the LED ultraviolet light curing lamp of UV tablet will produce slight ozone during irradiation. The taste is relatively light and the amount is small, so it can't be smelled generally.

reason 2: the substrates of different materials are affected by the environment, which will crack out relevant chemicals and produce pungent smell.

reason 3: the UV ink product of UV tablet machine contains certain smell and will produce some smell after curing, or it will react with the substrate itself to produce peculiar smell.

reason 4: some users will add some auxiliaries and other auxiliary materials to the actual printing of UV tablet machine according to the requirements of their own products, which may cause pungent smell, it is worth noting that the odor itself volatilizes quickly and will not stay on the surface of the substrate for a long time. The actual operator only needs to keep more than 2m away from the printing platform of the UV machine to avoid the stimulation of ink odor.

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