Power Pro 6600

6.6 Meters UV Belt-conveyed Hybrid Printer

Power Pro6600 is a heavy duty belt-conveyed UV hybrid printing machine, which is designed mainly for both roll to roll printing and board sheet printing. 6.6m width offers a solution of multiple smaller sized media to print at the same time.


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Key benefits

  • Available to print for both roll and board materials
  • Perfect performance for stretchable material
  • Impressive productivity and stable working
  • Vivid image output with white and varnish color options
  • Energy-saving LED ink-curing system
  • Fast drying UV ink


  • SPRINTER UV digital printing has been widely used in different industries including advertisement and signs, furnituring, house decoration, arts and painting, package and label, vision designs,etc. Its outstanding advantage is that, UV printer could print on limitless materials like acrylic, glass, woods, MDF, steel, foarm boards, paper…
  • SPRINTER UV printer provides digital printing solutions which means it can work for orders without MOQ, and output image is easier to manage with original designs.

Machine systems

  • Media-saving printing
  • Multiple sheets/rolls printing system
  • Human sensing system
  • Auto media height detection
  • Anti-crush system
  • Statics eliminating system
  • Media suction platform
  • Auto ink volum alarm system
  • Backlit display during printing
  • External tables option

6.6meter hybrid printer print test before shipping

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Printhead Soleplate


Power Pro 6600 is a high-speed UV type printer from SPRINTER.
It can maximum support 6 rows (KM1024i/KM1024a) of printheads with (4/8) printheads per row, up to 24 printhead configurations.
With the ability to print 6 rows of CMYK at the same time, together with the industrial-grade printhead Konica or Ricoh head, which can continuously inkjet at high speed, this product will be the king of UV printing speed.


With the world's top partners, to create the most outstanding quality

With the world's top partners, to create the most outstanding quality

Rich printing solutions, Makes you rich


Product dimension diagram



UV-LED Curing System


Auto media height detection


Anti-crush Protection


Magnetic Technology


Statics Elimination


Flatbed Vacuum System


High-resolution encoder


Human Sensing System



Embossed effects


Shiny Photos


Double-side seeing


Print 3D Image


Technical Specs

Model Power Pro 6600
Printhead GEN5 7PL *24pcs  GEN6 5PL *24pcs Konica 1024i/1024a *16pcs Konica 1024i/1024a *24pcs
Resolution 600,900,1200,1800,2400 dpi 720,1080,1440 dpi
 Printing speed 160㎡/hr CMYK *6Rows 200㎡/hr CMYK *6Rows 85-170㎡/hr CMYK *4Rows 110-250㎡/hr CMYK *6Rows
Color CMYK,White,Varnish, LcLm options
Material thickness  0~25mm
 Ink drying system LED lamp curing system
 Vacuum platform Belt flatbed with vacuum divided into 8 different zones.
 Printing size  Max. 6600mm *limitless
Ink UV Curable ink
 Optional  work tables *2pcs
Color Validity 3~5 years outdoor and 7~10 years indoor without color fading (use Sprinter ink)
Ink capacity 2.5L drums, aautomatic alarm for ink volum shortage
Ink supply system Auto Negative ink supply
Media Glass、PMMA、ceramic、Metal、Paper、wood、Leather、flex banner、Wallpaper、Car sticker、Soft film、PVC、PP、PE、PTFE……
Control system  Window7/10  64bit  . RAM≥8G  . HDD≥500G  . SSD≥128G  . CPU≥Inte I5
RIP software  Photoprint / ONYX / Caldera(可选)
Operation environment Temperature 18℃~ 26℃
Humidity 40% ~ 70%
Power supply Power Maximum:7.5KW; AC,50HZ/60HZ; 220v(±10%)>15A
Image format  Tiff,JPEG,EPS,PDF
Dimension(L x W x H) 9814x2270x1800mm
Package dimensions(L x W x H) 9814x2270x1800mm
weight  7000kg
Certification  CE

* Specifications subject may change without notice. Please confirm with sales representative for more details.

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