What is CWC

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"color+W+color" refers to the UV machine printhead arrangement, the formation of the upper and lower print color ink, the middle of the print white ink printing mode.

Spray a layer of color, spray a layer of white in the middle, and then play a layer of color, the finished product can be printed out for double-sided display.

What are the advantages of CWC?

SPRINTER UV machine has a variety of color combinations such as CWC, white color, color white, full color and full white.

Compared with other printing modes, CWC has higher color saturation and stronger color reproduction, which can better meet customers' requirements for color.

In addition, the biggest advantage of CWC is the double-sided display of the printing screen, which is especially prominent in the window display and light box advertising industry, and because of its brilliant colors, it greatly enhances the added value of the finished print.

Materials applied by UV CWC.

  1. Ultra-transparent glass sticker
  2. UV frosted sticker
  3. UV static sticker
  4. Ultra-transparent adhesive backing
  5. PET light sheet
  6. PVC transparent sheet

CWC is widely used in advertising windows, specialty store posters, subway advertising, personalized carriages, product packaging, commodity labels, etc.

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