SPRINTER APPPEXPO2024: New products shine!

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At APPPEXPO 2024, Shanghai HUIDI's SPRINTER and SWINNER brands made a stunning debut with their innovative "digital hard technology" series products, which aroused widespread attention and hot discussion inside and outside the industry.

February 28 to March 2, 2024

With the deepening of the digital era, SPRINTER combines its technology and creativity to launch a series of forward-looking products, bringing new changes and surprises to the advertising and signage industry. In this exhibition, SPRINTER displayed a number of eye-catching products, highlighting its leading position in the field of digital hard technology.

In order to cope with the format needs of large and super-large advertising orders, as well as the flexibility of more diversified orders, SPRINTER has been grinding a sword for ten years, and the new 6.6-meter super-wide UV printer debuted in this exhibition - Power Pro6600, which is capable of realizing 6.6-meter ultra-large format rolls of boards in one printing. It supports single-roll, double-roll, and even triple-roll printing at the same time, making it possible to print ultra-large format in one go. It is no longer necessary to split the screen into 2-3 parts for printing, which not only improves the quality and efficiency, but also avoids the problems caused by screen splicing, bringing higher added value to customers.

We utilize industrial-grade, high-quality Konica printheads to ensure proven applications and continuous, non-stop productivity every day. We provide sophisticated printing and fast delivery for large and ultra-large advertising operations, fully contributing to the success of our customers.

The 2500 auto introduces advanced automatic loading technology, making the loading speed only 30 seconds per sheet. Whether it is honeycomb board, hollow board, PVC or KT board and other common boards, can easily realize the "adsorption", automatically complete a series of operations such as loading, moving, printing and discharging. This fully automated production method truly realizes the efficiency of "gear upgrade" and saves labor costs. Now, you only need one 2500 auto, can easily complete the tasks that used to require the input of many workers, so that your production is more efficient and flexible!

The exhibition is paired with the SPRINTER Power Pro 3200, a new four-row Konica solution that leads the industry in innovation, featuring Konica 1024a analog waveform technology. This technology not only supports variable dot printing, but also realizes high productivity and high printing accuracy. More importantly, it can dramatically increase the freedom of waveform design according to ink characteristics, supporting single-dot 6pl/40kHz and variable-dot 20pl/22kHz inkjet, and easily realizing a capacity upgrade of up to 110 m²/h. A variety of printing modes, including full color, color white, and color white color, meet the needs of various industries. This new UV inkjet solution delivers excellent results for customers' advertising, signage marking, commercial displays, etc. The Power Pro 3200 not only realizes high productivity and high printing accuracy, but also has excellent freedom of waveform design to satisfy customers' pursuit of diversified printing needs.

SHANGHAI HUIDI's newly launched SWINNER LATEX LR1800E leads the industry trend and debuts at APPPEXPO 2024. Equipped with the latest hanson control system and piezoelectric printhead technology, SWINNER LATEX LR1800E realizes precise printing with variable ink droplets. Its platform heating system not only ensures print quality and stability, but more importantly, the device uses environmentally friendly water-based latex ink with absolutely zero VOC, setting a new benchmark for the home decoration industry. Whether for wall decoration or home customization, the SWINNER LATEX LR1800E will bring leading solutions to the home decoration industry, providing users with a more efficient and environmentally friendly printing experience.

At SPRINTER's exhibition site, we are proud to introduce Power Pro1800E - UV reel-to-reel all-in-one tape-guide printer! Equipped with EPSON i3200 U1 printhead, this model demonstrated its excellent printing capability, especially the color white color printing solution demonstrated at the exhibition site, which attracted countless exhibitors to stop and watch. This demonstration not only showed the powerful functions of the machine, but also demonstrated our relentless pursuit of technological innovation and deep understanding of customer needs. This flexible printing capability makes it an ideal choice for industries such as advertising, signage and decoration. The wonderful demonstration on the show floor is just the tip of the iceberg of Power Pro1800E, more surprises are waiting for you to discover!

As SPRINTER's signature product, UV flatbed printers have been highly acclaimed in the market. Now, we are proud to introduce the new upgrade TC-PF2713, which combines the most advanced technology and design to bring you a brand new printing experience!

TC-PF2713 not only continues the consistent stability and reliability of the ETD flatbed machine, but also realizes a qualitative leap in speed with a new technical solution. Adopting the new KM1024A variable dot printhead program, with magnetic levitation linear motor and metal grating configuration, the printing speed is faster and more accurate! Whether you are mass producing or personalizing, you can complete your tasks in less time, making your business more competitive! Take your productivity to the next level!

The new generation Power5s - UV platen type roll printer breaks the tradition and leads the industry trend again! On the basis of Power4S, we have fully upgraded the curing solution from air-cooled to water-cooled curing, which greatly extends the life of the curing lamp and saves you more maintenance costs. Not only that, the machine is more economical, and can print 2 rolls of material at the same time, providing you with more flexible printing options, making it the preferred solution for economical platen-type web presses! Whether you're a small to medium sized business or just starting out, the Power5s is the perfect companion!

SPRINTER took to the stage again with its TC-FR3221 model, showcasing its unique all-in-one plate and roll design and becoming the center of attention at the show. This printer not only combines the printing function of both forms of plate and roll, but is also loved by foreign customers. The secret behind it? The Ricoh Gen6 printhead!

As one of the leaders in printing technology, the Ricoh Gen6 printhead injects unlimited vitality into the TC-FR3221. Its high productivity and high precision make printing efficiency increase again. Minimized 5pl droplet size and improved jetting accuracy ensure excellent print quality, completely eliminating the plague of graininess. Presenting users with richer color levels and finesse, its maximum frequency of 50kHz for grayscale levels greatly increases productivity, making the printing process more efficient. Whether it's large format sheet printing or fine web printing needs, the TC-FR3221 is easily capable of handling it, bringing users a better printing experience.

TC-FR3221, with SPRINTER's innovative technology and Ricoh Gen6 printheads, once again demonstrates its leading position in the industry. Choose the TC-FR3221 for a high-productivity, high-precision printing solution that opens a new chapter in your printing business!

The debut of DPP A1E once again attracted great attention from the audience! This small flatbed printer has a print size of 60*90cm and is equipped with EPSON i3200 U1 printheads, which allows even the smallest printheads to achieve a wide range of printing solutions such as full-color, color-white, color-white and so on! Printing a bottle of wine in just 17 minutes of amazing speed, this outstanding performance in the recent Russian exhibition, so that foreign customers praise, become the best-selling models of small UV flatbed printers on behalf of! Whether it's personalization or small batch production, the DPP A1E can handle it with ease, bringing new life to your printing business!



In addition, SPRINTER also displayed the latest achievements in digital printing technology, including high-speed and high-precision digital printing equipment, as well as all kinds of innovative printing materials and inks, which provide more efficient and flexible solutions for the production of advertising and signage industry.

"Digital Hard Technology"

At APPPEXPO2024, SHANGHAI HUIDI once again demonstrated its leading position in the field of digital hard science and technology with its innovative products and technologies, which injected new vitality and impetus into the development of the advertising and signage industry. It is believed that in the future development, ETD will continue to lead the industry's innovation and progress, and provide customers with more high-quality products and services.

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