Power Pro6600 SPRINTER 6.6meter UV Hybrid Printer

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In today's fiercely competitive advertising market, the key to success lies in flexibly meeting diverse demands.


With rapid advancements in society and technology, advertising formats and requirements are constantly evolving, rendering traditional printing methods inadequate to satisfy customers' needs for diversified, personalized advertisements. To stand undefeated in this competitive arena, after a decade of careful refinement, Shanghai Sprinter Sign has proudly unveiled the groundbreaking Power Pro6600, a brand new 6.6-meter ultra-wide UV printer. This industry-leading device achieves seamless printing on rolls up to 6.6 meters wide, bringing unprecedented convenience and value to customers.

Seamless Large-Format Printing: The Perfect Blend of Quality and Efficiency

possible. No longer is there a need to split images into 2-3 parts for printing, thus enhancing both quality and efficiency while avoiding the issues associated with image splicing. This technological innovation provides unparalleled convenience, saving valuable time and labor costs for customers and significantly boosting production efficiency.

Assurance of Superior Quality, Support for Continuous Productivity

To ensure excellent print quality and sustained productivity, we employ industrial-grade, high-quality Konica printheads. These mature technological applications guarantee the clarity and vibrancy of every image, making your advertising creations more appealing. Moreover, the stability and reliability of the Power Pro6600 enable uninterrupted production day after day, delivering exquisite printing and rapid delivery for large-scale and super-sized advertising projects, greatly empowering customers to succeed.

Embracing Change, Pioneering the Future

With continuous technological development and market changes, we always uphold the spirit of innovation, constantly seeking breakthroughs and progress. The launch of the Power Pro6600 not only responds to market demands but also reflects our confidence and expectations for the future. We believe that this ultra-wide UV printer will revolutionize the advertising industry, leading the trend of industry development.

Committed to Customer Success, Co-creating a Better Future

The introduction of the Power Pro6600 marks another significant breakthrough in the field of UV printing technology and is a proactive response to market demands. Whether in advertising production, architectural decoration, exhibition layout, or other fields, the Power Pro6600 can handle various large-format printing tasks, creating more business opportunities and profits for customers. At the same time, we will continue to keep pace with market changes, continuously improve our products, and provide customers with higher quality, more efficient services, jointly creating a better future for the industry.

In the journey ahead, we will continue to adhere to the "customer-first" philosophy, actively listen to customer needs and suggestions, constantly optimize product performance and service quality, and create greater value for customers, providing more perfect solutions. We firmly believe that only by the success of our customers can we achieve our ultimate goal, and only by satisfying our customers can we have the greatest motivation. Let us join hands to create a brighter future together!

Experience the Power Pro6600 and feel the superior quality and unparalleled efficiency!

Welcome to the future of printing!

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