Discover the New Era in UV Desktop Printing with HUIDI's SPRINTER DPP A3E

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In the bustling landscape of Shanghai HUIDI emerges a game-changer: the SPRINTER DPP A3E, a cutting-edge desktop UV flatbed printer that redefines printing possibilities. Designed to elevate printing capabilities to new heights, this A3-sized marvel boasts the precision of Epson i3200-HD printheads with 8 channels, enabling seamless transitions between colors and white ink for stunning, versatile prints.

Unleashing Creativity

Compact yet powerful, the SPRINTER DPP A3E opens doors to a myriad of materials. From rigid substrates like PVC, wood panels, acrylic, metal sheets, and glass to flexible materials such as crystal labels and leather, this printer handles them all with finesse. Its adaptability extends to cylindrical objects like pens, golf balls, wine bottles, and thermos cups, marking a leap forward in personalized printing.

Versatility Redefined

Imagine the intricate detail on an IC card, the precision on a lighter, or the vibrant branding on a lipstick case—all brought to life with impeccable clarity and vibrancy. The SPRINTER DPP A3E ensures that every print, whether on flat or curved surfaces, meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

Precision and Innovation

Powered by advanced UV printing technology, this printer not only delivers striking visual appeal but also ensures durability against fading and scratching. Its ability to print directly onto various substrates eliminates the need for intermediate steps, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking efficiency without compromising on creativity.

Beyond Printing: A Commitment to Excellence

At HUIDI, innovation meets reliability. The SPRINTER DPP A3E exemplifies our commitment to empowering businesses with tools that inspire creativity and drive growth. Whether you're in advertising, signage, packaging, or specialty printing, this printer promises to elevate your capabilities and set new benchmarks in print quality and versatility.


The SPRINTER DPP A3E from HUIDI is not just a printer; it's a gateway to unlimited possibilities in UV desktop printing. Embrace the future of printing technology with confidence, knowing that every detail, from intricate designs to bold graphics, will resonate with clarity and precision.

Experience the SPRINTER DPP A3E today and redefine what's possible in UV printing. Contact us to learn more about how this groundbreaking technology can transform your business.

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