Printheads purchase strategy

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UV printer printheads are one of the core components of UV printers, which largely affect the capacity, accuracy and even price of UV printers. there are many types of UV printer printheads, and there are different models of industrial printheads under different brands.

UV printer printheads which is good? How to choose a UV printer printhead? I hope the following article, can help you.



Ricoh printheads began to be widely used in UV printers in 2013, and are currently one of the more selected industrial printheads in the industrial UV printer market.

It is quite cost-effective in terms of both effectiveness and speed as well as longevity.



Konica printheads entered the domestic time earlier, the market is a very mature product.

Konica printhead is a double-row ink feed tube, the flow of uniform pressure. Konica in the UV printer with more printhead models are 1024i and 512. 512 is a fully enclosed printhead, waterproof, anti-aging aspects have more advantages. With the market's high demand for printing results, Konica launched 1024a, the launch of this printhead is mainly for high-speed industrial printing, including UV printing, textile printing, ceramic spray printing, etc..



Kyocera printheads are the aristocrats of printheads. The advantages of Kyocera printheads are reflected in the number of nozzles: 2656, maximum ignition frequency: 30 KHz, effective printhead width: 112.35mm, so Kyocera printheads have a great advantage in terms of capacity.



Precision printheads entered the Chinese market in 2009, belongs to an earlier type of industrial printheads, aluminum alloy shell, life 2-3 years. The use of a printhead out of a color, inkjet speed is relatively fast.



Toshiba is mainly a grayscale printhead, and there are fewer domestic manufacturers using Toshiba printheads. High precision, with a special printhead protection device.

In the field of UV printers, the Toshiba CE4M printhead is currently used more often.

Selection Guide

It can be seen that most of the more widely used industrial-grade printheads on the market are produced in Japan. Choose to buy from the following four points as a consideration.


First, the service life of the printhead

Industrial printers to use industrial printheads, industrial printheads generally have a long life.


Second, the printhead printing speed

The simplest, look at the number of nozzles, the number of nozzles, the speed will not be slow.


Third, the printhead printing effect

Look at the number of spray holes picoliter, the smaller the value the higher the accuracy.


Fourth, the stability of the printhead itself

Good and bad, the simplest and most direct way to see its use of the manufacturer, look at its market share!


The above is the types of printheads shared for you, if you want to know more types of information, please continue to pay attention to the Shanghai SPRINTER WeChat public number.



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