What are the advantages of UV printers?

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Today's market pursuit of more personalized, small batch, high precision, environmental protection, high efficiency has become a fashion requirement. So what are the advantages of UV printer market?

 Meeting individual needs


The design sample can be modified at will on the computer, and the effect on the computer is the effect after the finished product, which can be made directly after the customer is satisfied.

Fast response time and shortened cycle time

In the past, a product from design, proofing to delivery takes days or even dozens of days, but the application of UV printer technology 2-5 minutes finished products can be in hand, and the production batch is not limited to truly realize the small batch, multi-species, high efficiency of the production process. Short process, after printing is the finished product, no need to steam, washing and other post-treatment process; flexibility, the customer selected the program can be printed in a relatively short period of time.

 Environmental protection, reduce pollution


No water, no sewage, UV printers are controlled by computer, inkjet on demand, neither waste nor waste water pollution, and no noise is generated during the printing process, realizing a pollution-free green production process.

 Colorful, clear and realistic images

UV printing colorful, whether full-color patterns, gradient color printing are easy, fully capable of color photo-level effect. The pattern is fine, rich and clear layers, high artistry and strong sense of three-dimensionality. The use of white ink can be printed with relief effect of the pattern, so that the pattern is lifelike, more importantly, the printing process is no trouble at all, and home printers, the same, once formed, that is, dry, is the ordinary production technology can not be compared, it is clear that the UV printer future development space is unlimited.

These advantages can be fully displayed on the UV printer of Shanghai SPRINTER.

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